RTBS Overview

How RTBS Can Help Your Business

For the past 20 years, Whyte Waters Group has specialised in meeting the needs of Activity Operators within the tourism industry.

This led to a ten-year investment in developing an RTBS Activity Booking System. Upon its launch in 2003, it was one of the first activity booking systems within the industry with the capability of taking bookings directly from an activity operator's website.

Today, Activity Operators access RTBS and use it to run their business by simply logging onto the Internet. RTBS is a web based booking system that is accessed by desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

There are four integrated modules that make up RTBS. Various combinations are capable of delivering a range of benefits to an Activity Operator, including;

  • Online inventory distribution e.g. activities sold live at accommodation front desks
  • A place to record and manage bookings made from different sources
  • Operational functions such as producing trip manifests
  • Administration efficiencies e.g. using the Xero or MYOB accounting interfaces to reduce the time taken double entering data
  • Individual staff logins track booking changes as they occur and the live updates in RTBS can significantly improve business efficiency and distribution.

RTBS is well-suited for medium to small Activity Operator businesses in need of online inventory capability.
It is also pitched to fit within the small to medium business budget constraints. 

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RTBS Modules

Central Reservations System (CRS)   |   Agent Trade Manual Online   |   Online Booking Link (OBL)   |   Online Gift Voucher


Central Reservation System (CRS)

Activity Operators use the Central Reservation System (CRS) to record and manage their bookings as they arrive from different sources. This could be bookings received from their own website, wholesale agents, accommodation agents, information centres, online travel agents, phone calls, emails and more.

Some bookings will automatically be entered into the CRS e.g. an agent with an agency login or bookings received from their own website. However, phone and email bookings will still require the operator to enter the booking themselves.

Following this, there are a number of useful functions within CRS to manage and keep track of bookings, some examples include; recording how the booking was paid or what amounts are still owing, rescheduling a booking, tracking cancelled bookings and processing refunds, increasing or decreasing the number of people booked, etc 

Another useful tool within the CRS is the trip manifests. These are used by drivers, tour guides and check-in staff to keep track of customers who are on trips. The manifests can be personalised by the Activity Operator using the RTBS custom manifest functionality. 

The CRS is also used to manage the release of the Activity Operators live inventory (availability). It's about achieving a balance between meeting customers needs and operational constraints. A variety of functions helps to do this, including setting timing functions and availability statuses.

Activity Operators are able to access the CRS using Tablets and Smartphone devices when they are out and about in the field with their customers. The system also provides booking notifications by sending text messaging and emails.

The CRS has been developed over more than 10 years and during that time has met the needs of all sorts of different Activity Operations. As a result there are a large number of functions available to meet the needs of Activity Operators - too many to list here but a few of these include;

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Agent Trade Manual Online

The Trade Manual Online is where you present your activity marketing information to Booking Agents
e.g. Brochures, Photo Galleries and FAQ’s. The Trade Manual Online is where Agent’s book your live activities.

The Agent Trade Manual Online is the module where Activity Operators present live inventory for sale through the Accommodation Channel.

This module forms part of the overall Guest Experience Support System (GESS) supplied by Whyte Waters to Accommodation Providers.

GESS empowers the accommodation staff to offer their guests an incredible range of activity options to experience during their stay.
Staff can book the activities and then supply their guests with an activity ticket.

Activity Operators can use RTBS to present the following marketing and availability information through the Trade Manual Online module;

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Operator Booking Link (OBL)

The Operator Booking Link module provides an Activity Operator with the ability to take bookings from their website with two different page options.

The two page options are;

1. Fully integrated booking pages using the RTBS API interface.

This option allows your web developer to embed the booking system directly into the Activity Operators Website.
It's a seamless solution and offers a lot more flexibility for the booking page design. 

2. Booking link pages

With this option, RTBS creates booking pages that look like Activity Operator's website. When their customer clicks on these they are taken to those pages.

All booking pages supplied by RTBS include;

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Online Gift Voucher

RTBS has an integrated gift voucher module allowing you to sell Gift Vouchers live from your own website.

When these vouchers are redeemed the unique gift voucher number is used to track the booking within RTBS. The Gift Voucher module also tracks and reports redeemed, waiting to be redeemed and expired vouchers.

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Who uses RTBS?