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Real Time Booking System FAQs

Can I have a free trial of RTBS?

We provide a free Demonstration, a free Consultation (up to 2 hours) to identify your needs and a free Quote so that you can work out the costs of using RTBS.

A Free Trial of booking software typically involves signing up and then working your way through the set up by yourself.

While this doesn’t involve any financial risk, there is still the cost of your time and without any support being offered during this set up, it easy to miss important features and benefits.

RTBS offers a three month evaluation subscription where you pay a small amount of money and we provide you with set up support during this evaluation process;

  • The evaluation subscription is paid upfront
  • You have the option to exit anytime you wish
  • We provide full support, which includes set up and configuration and experts who will work with you to help you identify and understand the benefits that RTBS will bring to your business

Please contact us for further details.

Are there any installation costs?

After completing the free trial and consultation, we should be in a position to identify any areas that may require set up costs.

Where your requirements are covered by the existing functionality within RTBS there will be no set up fee charged, i.e. we allow within our standard subscriptions for seven hours of configuration and training time. Provided that you don’t cause this budget to be exceeded then there will be no charge for installation.

If you have requirements that are not covered by the existing functionality, we will define and quote these as part of the evaluation subscription.

Do I have to load any software?

No - all you need to do is have access to the internet and an up to date web browser. RTBS is an internet based system and does not require any loading of software on to your computer.

What support is provided?

We provide training support, configuration, implementation and software support.

Base Software Support is included within every RTBS software subscription. This includes attending to any software issues that are caused by RTBS on a 24/7 basis. All other support is provided during office hours (Monday to Friday). There may be charges for additional training and configuration support provided over and above that provided at the time of the initial installation.

Advanced Support is available and would be signed off in a formal Service Level Agreement.

I have many cancellations due to bad weather – how will your booking system cope with this?

It is easy to record cancellations of bookings within RTBS and the process is quick to complete. In addition to this for a small fee we offer the ability to process refunds to your customers who have booked online. This refund process includes appropriate email communication with your customer. 

How will this booking system benefit my business?

There are lots of different ways that an online booking system can benefit your business. These might include;

  • Increased online bookings because you will now have live booking availability on your website
  • Access your bookings and availability from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Track who edited bookings with separate user logins
  • Transfer your bookings direct to your accounting system using our interfaces
  • Distribute your live inventory to booking agents
  • Detailed sales reports including instant reports on forward bookings, bookings by agent, etc.

I haven’t used a booking system before and am not very good with computers?

We have plenty of clients who have raised this concern at the start of the RTBS evaluation process. Its quite surprising how well they have adapted to this new way of doing things - a little training and we are sure that your concerns will be alleviated.

I have a lot of activities (eg. charters) that don’t have fixed departure times – how will this work ?

Use our 'create one off trip' function to record any charters and scheduled times that have been booked to depart.

I am a sole trader and offer lots of trips but can only take one of those trips each day?

We have developed a resource sharing function that can provide control by automatically closing off trips that clash with the time of the trip that has been booked. 

Can I control the time that trips close off?

Yes, you have full control to set the close off time, call to check availability and live availability times within RTBS.

I am out with clients and I need to know when a booking has been made?

RTBS has a text message notification facility that will text message you when a new booking is received.

I don’t have an online merchant account?

Whyte Waters can provide you access to its merchant account facility. This may save you a lot of paperwork and additional merchant fees.