Tourism Trade Events - Why Should You Bother With Them?

Tue, 10 April 2018

Tourism Trade Events - Why Should You Bother With Them?

We live in a country where tourism speaks volumes. As an activity operator, you will come across heaps of tourism trade events all round the year, but is it really worth your time, money and attention?

The answer is - yes.

Get Exposure

With trade shows and events comes a community that will get to know your product and the activities that are on offer. With NZ being one of the tourism hubspots, many trade show events attract international tourism boards and travel agencies who will be interested in your products and promote it to their customers. In addition to promoting your own business, you will also get access to a wealth of resources on the current trends in the industry.


Apart from all the networking involved, trade events are also about forming new relationships towards growing your revenue streams. You can meet international buyers from all over the world and discuss how you can do business with them.

Know the ones to attend

With all the noise and clutter, it can be hard to decide which ones to attend and the ones to skip. Therefore, it is always useful to conduct some research before deciding on whether the event tickles your fancy or not. If you are an operator that is starting out, then it is important to attend as many trade shows in your initial days so that you can get the word out. Setting up a stand in one of the shows usually costs you a bit of money, but simply attending as a visitor could be free.


So, you have done your research and have decided to go to the event. One of the ways of preparing towards these events is to check out the event guide and make note of the panels that are of most interest to you. Most events need appointments to be set up with the panels prior to the event. Also, make sure that you have enough business cards and brochures to hand out.

Upcoming Events - TRENZ 2018

TRENZ is one of the biggest tourism annual events held in New Zealand where buyers meet sellers (activity operators) to discover exciting current opportunities with one-on-one appointments. This year over 300 buyers are gathering up in Dunedin over a span of three days (7th May to 10th May)  - make sure you don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

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