Whyte Waters


What does Whyte Waters do?

Whyte Waters supplies Activity Operators with;

  1. An activity booking system called Real Time Booking System (RTBS), and
  2. Sells Activity Operators access to its Guest Experience Support System (GESS System)

What is the GESS System?

The GESS System contains a variety of marketing products, which the Accommodation Providers use to supply activity information to their guests, make activity bookings and earn commission income.

Activity Operators who want to sell their activities to these guests, are able to by subscribing to the GESS System

What is the RTBS System?

The RTBS System is a fully integrated web-based booking system that can be used on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. A number of different modules make up the RTBS System and these include:

  • Central Reservation System
  • Fully integrated bookings capability on the Activity Operators Website
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Trade Manual Online (Agent Booking Module)
  • Integration to a community of other software systems e.g. Xero and MYOB

Do I have to buy all of the marketing products that make up GESS?

A number of marketing products make up the GESS System used by the Accommodation Providers. They include all of the media types; Video, Online and Print, and span the guest pre-arrival holiday planning time and the time that they are actually staying at the accommodation.

It’s up to each Activity Operator to choose which products are appropriate for the advertising exposure that they would like to achieve. The only compulsory marketing product in the GESS System is the RTBS Agent Trade Manual Online, all others are optional. 

What types of accommodation properties use GESS?

It has taken Whyte Waters Group years to build its GESS System and to promote its use within the Accommodation Channel. There is now wide ranging coverage New Zealand-wide and the system is represented in high quality accommodation through to budget accommodation.

Examples of the accommodation types include:

  • YHA’s nationwide
  • Hilton Hotels nationwide
  • Motels
  • Backpackers
  • Large numbers of Hotels