Whyte Waters

Increase Sales with Access to the Accommodation Channel

Whyte Waters supplies Activity Operators with access to its GESS Suite.

The GESS Suite contains a variety of marketing products, which the Accommodation Providers use to supply activity information to their guests, make activity bookings and earn commission income.

Activity Operators who want to sell their activities to these guests, are able to by subscribing to the GESS Suite.

GESS Suite Products:

Agent Trade Manual Online (TMO)  |  InRoom Print Magazine  |  Digital Magazine Apps  |  LiveTouch  |  Lobby TV  |  Experience Video

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Agent Trade Manual Online (TMO)

 The Trade Manual Online is where you present your activity marketing information to Booking Agents e.g. Brochures, Photo Galleries and FAQ’s. The Trade Manual Online is where Agent’s book your live activities.

The Agent Trade Manual Online is the module where Activity
Operators present live inventory for sale through
the Accommodation Channel.

This module forms part of the overall Guest Experience Support System (GESS) supplied by Whyte Waters to Accommodation Providers.

GESS empowers the accommodation staff to offer their guests an incredible range of activity options to experience during their stay. 

Staff can book the activities and then supply their guests with an activity ticket.

Activity Operators can use RTBS to present the following marketing and availability information through the Trade Manual Online module;

In-Room Magazine

Whyte Waters publishes in-room activity magazines that allow guests to find out about local activities while they are in-room.

These are extremely well designed, glossy magazines with high quality editorial, generous pictures and informative activity content. This is the type of publication that the guests would read while having a wine in the evening and deciding what activities they want to experience during their stay.

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Digital Magazine Apps

Whyte Waters Group supplies Digital Magazine Apps as part of its Accommodation GESS Suite. These are online magazines that present activities to guests in a digital format.

They are searchable online and are marketed in the both the Apple & Android Stores, as well as being distributed on a range of other websites. This product targets guests pre-arrival and aims to inform them about the activities during the time that they are planning stage of their holiday.

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LiveTouch is an interactive touch screen that presents activity operator activities to guests.

It is located in reception area’s of accommodation properties and offers an attractive presentation that will grab the attention of guests. The features of LiveTouch include;

  • Online brochure information
  • Video and photo gallery
  • Regional buttons
  • Local webcams eg. Milford Sound, ski fields
  • Live stream airport departures and arrivals
  • Snow / ski reports
  • Local events and world time clock
  • Weather forecasts

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Lobby TV

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which television services are delivered over an online network, instead of being delivered through satellite signal and cable television formats.

Whyte Waters has this technology to deliver personalised programming TV Services to Lobby TVs and into a channel(s) on In-Room TV’s. The delivery of this service is subject to the hotel property having sufficient network capability and the hotel providing a separate channel on the room’s TV system.

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Experience Videos

Experience Videos are informative documentary style travel videos presented by professional television personalities on the in-room TV channels at the accommodation properties. These are also delivered prior to the guest’s arrival in the destination on the internet.

With the total travel program limited to 40 minutes, this is a chance to promote your products using a professional television presenter. The target audience for this video the time that guests spend in-room, it may be the time prior to their evening meal, in the morning or waiting for another guest to get ready to go out. Each video clip is approximately 2 minutes in length, during which time the presenter sells your product to the audience and encourages them to book it through the front desk or concierge service.

Experience Videos are also promoted to Guests using the Whyte Waters pre-arrival systems.

Experience Queenstown Video      Experience Rotorua Video      Experience Taupo Video