Whyte Waters

Why is 'WHYTE WATERS GROUP FRANKTON' on my credit card statement?

You will see our name on your credit card statement if we handled an online payment you made using your credit card.

It's likely that you used a product or service of a business, and the business used the Real Time Booking System to handle the transaction.

The Real Time Booking System (RTBS) is an online booking and reservation service. One of the services we provide is secure online credit card transactions. We process a high volume of transactions.

The Real Time Booking System is used by a wide variety of businesses throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Typically, businesses using RTBS are in the tourism industry. However, many businesses use RTBS to distribute products and services unrelated to tourism.

Some examples of the event or product you may have used:

  • theme park tickets 
  • event tickets 
  • gift vouchers
  • scenic flights
  • boat cruise
  • horse riding
  • hot pools
  • whale watching
  • jetboat rides
  • bike hire
  • ski hire
  • bus transport

To help you try to identify what the transaction may be for, please consider the following:

  • Did you get an email from or mentioning "Whyte Waters Group", "RTBS", "RTBS Ticket Money Trust", and/or "Real Time Booking Systems"?
  • Did you purchase an entry ticket for a theme park online?
  • Did you purchase a gift voucher online?
  • Were you in New Zealand or Australia, or planning to go, around the time of the transaction?
  • The transaction may be well in advance of the date the event took place.
  • The event paid for may be yet to happen.
  • Did you purchase a ticket for a family member or someone you know?

If you are still unsure about why our name appears on your credit card statement, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please be ready to provide details that will help us identify the transaction, such as your full name, the transaction amount and date.