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About Us

Welcome to Whyte Waters Group

These days every traveller is free and independent. With mountains of information at everybody’s fingertips, there’s never been a more dominant spirit of autonomy among the tourism sector’s end users.

And it’s not about to change.

So Whyte Waters is harnessing that freedom to ensure the tourism industry maximises the attitude of the future. It means providing a service that benefits everybody, from accommodation providers and activity operators, to transport companies, retail and dining businesses and of course, the holidaying public.

So we’ve gone beyond simply developing specialised computer systems. We’re meeting self-sufficiency head-on with the tools every traveller needs.

It starts with mediums comfortable to travellers of all nationalities and cultures.

Through numerous key partnerships across the industry, magazines, TV’s, key guides and our web presence are strategically positioned for maximum exposure. They satisfy visitors hungry for information, and steer them directly to your frontline.

Information is accessed independently, booking decisions are made independently and still, your company secures maximum bottom line benefits.

Giving people what they need to help them access what they want… then driving them to your operation. Sound like commonsense?

That’s what we thought………………Welcome to Whyte Waters.

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